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Defected Ground Structured Microstrip Patch Antenna with Quad L – Shaped Slot for Gain Enhancement at 4.8 GHz Frequency

G. Viswanadh Raviteja, Inkulu Lakshman, B. Yogita Sai Sruthi, B. Manish Kumar, K. Sarojini Anuradha. Published in Circuits and Systems.

Communications on Applied Electronics
Year of Publication: 2018
Publisher: Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Authors: G. Viswanadh Raviteja, Inkulu Lakshman, B. Yogita Sai Sruthi, B. Manish Kumar, K. Sarojini Anuradha

Viswanadh G Raviteja, Inkulu Lakshman, Yogita Sai B Sruthi, Manish B Kumar and Sarojini K Anuradha. Defected Ground Structured Microstrip Patch Antenna with Quad L – Shaped Slot for Gain Enhancement at 4.8 GHz Frequency. Communications on Applied Electronics 7(21):1-5, October 2018. BibTeX

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A microstrip patch antenna with L-shaped slots and defected ground structure is discussed in this paper. This antenna is designed with FR4 epoxy as a substrate having dielectric constant 4.4 and the thickness of the substrate is 1.6mm. A Conventional microstrip patch antenna is first taken into consideration, thereby L shaped slots are cut near to the four edges. In order to further improve the antenna characteristics, the defective ground is considered. The designed antenna is simulated in HFSS software. The performance parameters of the antenna such as Return loss, VSWR and gain are studied, with return loss -36.61 dB, VSWR as 1.03 and gain of 10.28 dB for 4.8442 GHz frequency. Also, comparison of these parameters among conventional antenna, a slotted patch antenna and slotted patch with the defected ground is made and the important findings are tabulated.


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Patch antenna, L slots, defected ground structure, truncated ground, C band applications.